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Turn up the heat on your direct mail campaigns

Lemons taste great, but not on their own. Today’s typical direct mail campaign pulls around a 1% response. That’s a sour statistic. When your marketing campaign gives you lemons, add a kick to your campaign with MEDiAHEAD.

By integrating print, email, and web components into an integrated cross media campaign, you’ll be able to gather useful analytics, tailor relevant messages for each of your audiences, and track results for further customization and bigger impact.

With predictive modeling, we’ve seen responses of as much as a 20% or better. So if you’re looking for a marketing campaign that packs a punch, let’s talk.

Increase your marketing ROI with cross-media campaigns

Who doesn’t want to increase the return on their marketing investments? With our customized marketing platform, we can help you deliver your message across multiple media channels. The ultimate goal of your marketing is to have a two-way personalized dialogue with customers through the medium of their choice — right?

As you learn more about your customers, wouldn’t you like to reflect that information throughout your communications to them? Well, you can. We offer a cross-media marketing solution spanning print, web, email, and mobile communications that allows you to transform that relationship into a loyal and strategic one.

Our cross-media marketing solutions allow you to:

  • Stay on top of industry trends by integrating mail, email, web and SMS touch-points
  • Increase your return on investment and improve your response rate with predictive modeling
  • Reduce costs with data-driven marketing
  • Gather data to build up your database for future campaigns
  • Build customer loyalty and turn customers into brand ambassadors
  • Test and monitor your campaign
  • Receive an email notification each time someone hits your PURL web page
  • Track clicks of each person to see their interests
  • Send automatic response emails to individuals who have taken action on your site
  • Track and monitor your traffic sources
  • Expand your campaign to email marketing and newsletters

We have solutions that work

customized marketing portal solution

Save your sanity. Take control of your collateral.

The best companies in Kansas City and beyond trust us to provide distributed marketing solutions seamlessly. So, does your company need to boost your customer base? Increase revenues? Raise brand awareness? You’ve come to the right place.

Request a free demo today and find out how we can help you. What are you waiting for?

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