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We know how valuable time is for business professionals. With so much planning and organization in today’s business world, it’s important to find the information and resources you need quickly and easily. This was a leading thought behind the development of our new website and blog, which launched in the month of April! 

Our new site provides a wealth of tips on creating customized, integrated marketing campaigns that will help you increase your response rates and your marketing ROI. Whether you need tips on the best design practices for direct mail campaigns or need help choosing a paper that will help you stretch your marketing budget, we’ve got your covered.

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Woman owned and operated

MEDiAHEAD is run by women who mean businesskat

MEDiAHEAD is certified as a woman-owned and -operated business in both Kansas and Missouri, and by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). We are proud of this distinction and of the numerous awards we have won in the advertising and marketing industry under the leadership of our owner, Kat McDaniel.

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6 things all marketers should know about integrated marketing campaigns


Integrated marketing involves using marketing tactics across a range of traditional and nontraditional channels, including social media, digital advertising, email marketing, and print marketing. When well executed, integrated marketing campaigns can substantially boost revenue. According to Forrester Research, 60 percent of mature multichannel marketers saw increases of 10 percent or more in revenue as a result of integrated marketing programs, while 40 percent saw increases of 15 percent or more.

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How to Choose a Font for Your Print Marketing Materials


Don’t just print an entire piece of media using one font — that’s a recipe for an aesthetic disaster. For the majority of design scenarios, it is a wise idea to use at least two fonts: one for the titles or headings and one for the body of the text. Ideally, when choosing different fonts you will want to employ some kind of visual contrast, whether choosing fonts from two different font families, opting for fonts of two different visual weights, or making use of contrasting colors. This helps the textual elements of the material to stand out from one another, which facilitates easy scanning.

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