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Add a kick to your marketing campaign with MEDiAHEAD

Lemons taste great, but not on their own. The same goes for direct mail campaigns. When you want to pull in more than a measly 1% response rate, you want a little more kick to your campaign. The solution: add some spice!

Spices enhance your typical lemon campaign with the integration of print, email, and web components. These ingredients come together in a cross-media communication that reaches out to your target audience on multiple levels, piquing their interest in your company.

And who doesn’t want to increase the return on their marketing investments? Using a customized marketing platform to deliver your message across multiple media channels can help lower your campaign costs and increase your ROI. MEDiAHEAD offers you an easy-to-use cross-media marketing solution that allows you to:

  • Stay on top of industry trends by integrating mail, email, web and SMS touch-points
  • Increase your return on investment and improve your response rate with predictive modeling
  • Reduce costs with data-driven marketing
  • Gather data to build up your database for future campaigns
  • Build customer loyalty and turn customers into brand ambassadors

Spicing up your campaign with useful analytics, tailored relevant messages, and results-tracking for further customization gives you a bigger impact at reaching your target customers. With predictive modeling alone, we’ve seen responses of as much as a 20% or better! Why continue with your same-old campaign model?

When your direct mail campaign hands you lemons … come to us. We’ll spice it up!


MEDiAHEAD is making news!

mediahead-kat-photoMEDiAHEAD was recently selected for the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (HEMP). This three-year program was established to help foster formal mentee practices in the Kansas City community incorporating:

  • One-on-one mentoring relationships
  • Networking opportunities with peers and veteran business owners
  • Exposure to mentoring skills that can be applied to any professional or personal situation
  • Business educators discussing greatest successes and lessons learned from peers and top CEOs in the community
  • Field trips to locations of entrepreneurial interest within the KC area

Congratulations to MEDiAHEAD Chief Innovator Kat McDaniel on this great honor!

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Heads up!

Say hello at the AAF Central Region Conference!


MEDiAHEAD will be attending the event October 1-2 at Union Station in Kansas City! Stop by our table to learn about cross-media campaigns, variable data printing, and more!


tbb-hdr-logoLook for MEDiAHEAD!

MEDiAHEAD will be featured in the October issue of the Thinking Bigger Business Media magazine!

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