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Didn’t make a New Year’s resolution? We’ve got you covered!
Start the new year by converting to eco-friendly print marketing!

How’s that New Year’s resolution coming? Good?
Wait, really?

If you’re sincerely dedicated to your New Year’s resolution, then we commend you! Only about eight percent of all Americans succeed in achieving their January 1st commitments, so you must be a statistical rarity. Bravo!

On the other hand, approximately 38 percent of Americans absolutely never make a New Year’s resolution. If you happen to fall within this marginal minority, the resident resolution engineers at MEDiAHEAD can help you establish a moderately-challenging-yet-attainable goal for the year! For example, you could vow to steal less of the communal string cheese from the office break room (I’m looking at YOU, Bernard!). Or maybe you might build a to-scale reconstruction of Hadrian’s Wall on your neighbor’s yard!

Alternatively, you could pledge to make your direct mail and print marketing campaigns more environmentally friendly for 2016! MEDiAHEAD can help you discover eco-friendly options, such as recycled paper. According to Conservatree, a national authority on recycled paper, approximately 7 to 24 fully grown trees are saved for every ton of recycled paper purchased, as opposed to using virgin fiber paper. There are plenty of ways to keep costs down while minimizing your impact on the environment; let MEDiAHEAD help you go green!

And no matter how you might have started your new year, MEDiAHEAD will print your digital images, whatever the resolution may be. Hah! Okay, we couldn’t resist.

How to create a horrible direct mail campaign

avoid-these-things-if-you-want-to-create-a-successful-direct-mail-marketing-campaign.jpgSome people say that learning from your mistakes is the most critical contributor to your growth as an individual (or a company). This adage can be applied to virtually any aspect of life, whether you’re first learning how to ride a bicycle, or analyzing the results of a direct mail campaign.

Well, get ready to grow, ladies and gentlemen. The following blunders and errors outline a gloriously imperfect strategy for maximizing the number of mistakes you can make in a direct mail marketing campaign:

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The psychology of social media

social-media-engagement-psychology.jpgThe amount of social media engagement your brand enjoys is a direct factor of your messages’ ability to stimulate a response. By understanding the behavior and thought processes of your consumers, a brand can more easily communicate with its target audience in ways that will trigger desired actions. Customer interaction with your content can be influenced by numerous psychological tendencies. Below, we’ve detailed a few psychological practices that can increase engagement with your social media:

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