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Presenting the right image in your direct marketing materials
What to do if your aesthetic is pathetic

Master the look and your audience will listen

Your company should have an image or a “face,” just like any character in a book should be physically described. Even though your audience may never literally see that character, there needs to be some sort of mental placeholder for that persona so that readers can make an emotional connection.

Unless of course, that character serves no other purpose than to simply die three chapters later like some sort of streamlined Game of Thrones knock-off, but now we’re taking the metaphor a little too far.

The point is that your brand’s aesthetic should conform to the overall message your company wants to convey, and your business should implement consistent brand imagery in all aspects of its marketing efforts.

The relationship between your brand and the consumer is entirely dependent on visuals. Therefore, your logo, your style, your typefaces, and your colors have to send the right vibe before you can catch the attention of your readers.

Below, we’ve listed a few articles from our educational and entertaining blog to help you capture the right aesthetic for your brand’s direct marketing collateral. But if you want our personal opinion for your specific needs, contact MEDiAHEAD today to learn how your direct marketing can acquire an impressive new aesthetic!

MEDiAHEAD has new clients!

MEDiAHEAD is proud to announce our new web portal clients:

Academy Bank/Armed Forces

Academy Bank is a family-owned business dedicated to supporting the financial well-being of the individuals and businesses within their communities. They provide a wide variety of affordable, competitively priced, and easily accessible credit and retail banking services through an extensive network of branches. MEDiAHEAD is excited to be working with them.

National Cable Television Cooperative

Serving Independent Cable Operators for 30 Years!

NCTC began as a business project of the Mid-America Cable Association in 1984. Starting with twelve cable operators, NCTC has grown to serve over 850 cable companies across the United States. NCTC provides member cable companies access to programming networks and industry-leading technology companies and products and is a not-for-profit corporation. MEDiAHEAD is happy to have them on board!

MEDiAHEAD is also delighted to announce our new print clients, Concorde Career College and H & R Block Advisors!

Why your logo is stupid and also bad

awful-logoSome might argue that a company’s logo represents the heart and soul — or maybe simply the face — of a brand. Your company’s logo is a huge part of your brand’s identity, and your customers should be able to associate your logo with a positive image and satisfactory relationships.

But sit down for a minute, this is exactly why we need to talk. I know you’re a great company. I know you do excellent work. I know you strive to maintain every customer relationship you can. It’s not you, it’s your logo. This might be difficult to understand right now, but I’m going to tell you what you need to hear, and not what you want to hear.

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Fresh Prints: A story all about how to design a great brochure

brochure-design-ideasIf you’ve been handing out the same boring promotional materials since the ‘80s, it might finally be time to freshen up your approach, and ensure your brochures will impress for sure. Check out the following ways you can “Jazz” up your brochures:

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