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April Newsletter - 4 advantages of direct mail over email
And why direct mail boasts a better ROI

If you've been thinking about how print marketing can benefit your business, here's why you should consider direct marketing to boost your sales:

Why direct mail is the superior medium

Sometimes physical is better than digital. Nobody likes spammy advertisements in their email inbox. Consumers are quick to send an unsolicited promotion email straight to the trash folder and put your mailing address on their spam filter. However, research shows that they are increasingly attuned to the good, old-fashioned, printed snail mail that shows up in their mailbox. Direct mail can provide your marketing campaign with a clear competitive advantage. Here’s how:

You will get higher response rates

People tend to pay more attention to direct mail than they do to email. According to a Ritter’s Communication study, 50 percent of consumers pay more attention to direct mail than they do to any other form of marketing, including email marketing. Eight out of 10 households report opening and reading the direct mail received. Consumers are also more likely to open direct mail than email, which all translates into higher response rates.

Direct mail can help your brand seem more trustworthy

Fifty-six percent of consumers report that they find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. Direct mail can help your brand improve its reputation and enhance its reputability.

Want to see the last two reasons? Read our blog to find out more!

MEDiAHEAD has some new awesome clients!

We're proud to announce our new partnership with sipVine: The Personal Phone Department for 
Your BusinessWe highly recommend sipVine to anyone looking for a cost-effective new phone system. Founded in 2005, sipVine has delivered feature-rich alternatives to traditional phone service to businesses nationwide.

We're also thrilled to tell you about our newest partner, Axcet HR SolutionsThey helped us set up all our human resource functions under one roof. Recognized as the Kansas City area's largest privately-owned PEO (Professional Employer Organization), Axcet relieves small-to-medium sized businesses of the burden of Human Resource issues at a fraction of the cost of managing those functions in-house.

Knowing when to use humor in marketing

when-to-use-humor-in-advertising-1.jpg“Funniness,” more commonly known as humor, has multiple documented benefits in regard to human interaction and relationship building. When properly implemented, humor is a quick way to make an instant connection and put your audience at ease. Laughter can reduce the secretion of stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine, and is generally healthy for the human body. Humor is a powerful weapon in an advertiser’s arsenal, but beware that jokes can absolutely backfire when there is staggering disconnect between a punchline’s intention and the audience’s interpretation. We’ve compiled a moderately coherent rant about the applications of humor as it relates to marketing. We hope you like it or find it useful or something.

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5 ways to boost your direct mail marketing
response rates

increase-mail-marketing-response.jpgAccording to the Direct Mail Marketing Association, the average response for direct mail marketing campaigns hovers around 4.4 percent. That means that for every 100 customers who receive your direct mail marketing materials, you will receive four or five responses. While this response rate might seem low, it is significantly higher than electronic mailing response rates, which typically average well below one percent.

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