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Increase response rates with variable data printing
Why variable data printing is superior to static printing, and how it can improve your ROI.

Variable printing vs. static printing: What you should know

Let’s say your business is conducting a direct mail marketing campaign and wants to send out a promotional brochure to 10,000 different customers.

In static printing, the same document would be printed 10,000 times and sent to each customer.

Variable data enables the mass customization of marketing media. You can send a unique brochure to each customer, customizing the piece with text, images, graphics, and promotional offers.

Variable data printing works to boost response rates, increase sales, and generate higher-quality engagement between your brand and your customers.

All of that translates into more revenue. Variable data printing can increase your company’s overall revenue by 31 percent.

To learn more about variable data printing and how it differs from static printing, read our blog! MEDiAHEAD offers numerous variable data printing solutions to help your direct marketing campaign achieve a stellar ROI.

How variable data printing can improve your direct mail response rates

If your target audience is large, you might have trouble getting through to them with a single, static, generic direct marketing message. Sure, it’s possible you might get a few positive responses, but don’t you think you’d have greater success if you could write a custom letter to each individual on your mailing list?

Of course you would. But you don’t have time for that.

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Using maps in direct mail advertising

variable-data-maps-in-direct-mail.jpgA common problem for many businesses is that potential customers have a hard time pinpointing the company’s location. People might know your business exists, but they don’t know where you are. An easy solution to this problem is to include a map in your advertising materials. Using maps in your direct marketing efforts can literally help drive traffic to your locations. When including a map in your direct mail marketing efforts, observe the following tips to optimize responses:

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