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Kat McDaniel

Kathryn McDaniel

Chief Innovator

Allan Schifman

Allan Schifman

Sales Executive

Andrew Marchae

Andrew Marchae

Bindery Associate

Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell

Managing Partner

Carly Young

Carly Young

Sr. Project Manager

Carey Rich

Carey Rich

Director of Engagement

Danny Drennen

Danny Drennen

Digital Print Operator

Greig Chance

Greig Chance

Digital Technician

Michele Stillwell

Michele Stillwell

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Leavey

Mike Leavey

Plant Manager/Estimator

Tim White

Tim White

Sales Executive


Shenna Coleman

Job Title: Vice President of Business Development

What Shenna spends most of her time doing: Looking up people she’s never met and then calling them! She tries to connect with as many people as she can each day.

Shenna's favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: While she loves her coworkers and friends, her favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD is actually her office window and door.

What makes Shenna tick: Her family. Her animals. Her faith. And anything Disney/Pixar!

What statement about Shenna is not true? Shenna…
A. Married the guy a fortune teller spoke of.
B. Loves to cook and try new foods.
C. Sang at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

Answer: B. Remarkably, Shenna did actually marry the guy a fortune teller spoke of, and she has the voice of an angel, but she doesn’t enjoy trying new foods. She knows what she likes, so she’ll stick with that.

Lora Johnson

Job Title: Portal/Data Associate

What Lora spends most of her time doing: When she’s not working hard at MEDiAHEAD, Lora spends time with her family and friends, goes to the pool, cuddles with her dogs watching TV, and goes to auctions.

Lora's favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: The people who work here. The mood of the office is stress free. She loves her work with the portals and making sure all the orders are quick and accurate, and she loves working with with customers.

What makes Lora tick: Lora loves listening to music and laughing.

What statement about Lora is not true? Lora…
A. Jumped out of an airplane.
B. Had snakes as pets.
C. Got married in a hot air balloon.

Answer: C. Lora has braved the heights and jumped out of a plane. She cuddles with her dogs, but she has had snakes as pets too. However, Lora did not get married in a hot air balloon.

Mike Leavey

Job Title: Plant Manager/Estimator

What Mike spends most of his time doing: Mike spends his days finding the most cost-effective way to satisfy our clients.

Mike's favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: Kat's supportive nature and can-do attitude. He loves that MEDiAHEAD is fluid and nimble!

What makes Mike tick: Spending time with his family is most important to Mike. Following at a close second is golf with friends, and third would be lunches with Al.

What statement about Mike is not true? Mike…
A. Loves to play golf.
B. Says some of his favorite moments at work are spent with the salespeople.
C. Really enjoys completing home projects.

Answer: Guess! No, really. That’s what he said. So, we’ll never know.

Kat McDaniel

Job Title: Chief Innovator

What Kat spends most of her time doing: Thinking of the next big thing in our industry. And running this business!

Kat’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: Kat is passionate about MEDiAHEAD’s work, but her favorite thing has to be the people she works with.

What makes Kat tick: She values experiences, not possessions (except the baby doll heads).

What statement about Kat is not true? Kat…
A. Wants to see every inch of the planet
B. Has a collection of very obscure objects and baby doll heads
C. Loves cats

Answer: C. Although Kat shares her name with the cute little creatures, she in fact does not love them. She’s sure they don’t love her either.

Contact Kat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Allan Schifman

Job Title: Sales Executive

What Allan spends most of his time doing: Allan works hard to make sure that our customers’ jobs are correct and delivered on schedule.

Allan’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: Great people to work with. Everyone is always helping each other with any problems. And MEDiAHEAD has fun and exciting company programs.

What makes Allan tick: Family and wonderful friends!

What statement about Allan is not true? Allan…
A. Vacations each year in Mexico to escape the cold weather.
B. Enjoys cooking on his smoker for his family.
C. Loves watching his granddaughters play soccer.

Answer: C. Allan hates the cold weather, and loves cooking on his smoker for his family. But, he doesn’t have any granddaughters!

Contact Allan Schifman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michele Stillwell

Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer

What Michele spends most of her time doing: Michele creates innovative marketing strategies that build the MEDiAHEAD brand, building awareness, relevance, and respect while growing our target audience. She leads innovative marketing campaigns across the broad spectrum of marketing channels. Michele drives the MEDiAHEAD marketing and branding efforts to increase awareness and growth with a passion for meaningful social change. She is always looking ahead and having fun.

Michele's favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: Is not Kat's baby doll collection — it scares her. But she loves the people. "Everyone is so great and we are like one big happy family. We have such a great story, product and passion. We are in it for the long run and will do anything for our customers. Kat always has a smile on her face and will do anything for anyone. She is a fantastic leader."

What makes Michele tick: Music and animals — not sure if it is in that order. Her husband recently asked her, if someone offered you a million dollars for her chocolate lab, would she take it? She said absolutely NOT.

What statement about Michele is not true? Michele…
A. Loves to ride motorcycles
B. Dives the wall in Grand Cayman every year
C. Was featured in a magazine as a woman fly fisher

Answer: B. Michele is kind of a badass on a bike, and she was featured in woman’s magazine as a fly fisher.

Larry Thompson

Job Title: Sales Executive

What Larry spends most of his time doing: Meeting with his customers and keeping them up to date on what is new in our industry. It is constantly changing, and it is important to let them to know what we know.

Larry’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: The people he works with. Larry feels it’s less like work and is more like a family environment.

What makes Larry tick: Spending time with family and friends. Then golf. And church activities.

What statement about Larry is not true? Larry…
A. Is passionate about his work
B. Is interested in keeping up with technology in our industry
C. Is looking forward to retirement

Answer: C. How could Larry be looking forward to retirement when he loves his job so much?!

Contact Larry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Carly Young

Job Title: Sr. Project Manager

What Carly spends most of her time doing: Talking with clients, email, phone calls. She makes sure sure that every customer's satisfaction is top priority.

Carly’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: The camaraderie. The people at MEDiAHEAD are wonderful to work with every day!

What makes Carly tick: Happy customers. Simple as that.

What statement about Carly is not true? Carly…
A. Likes to cook
B. Likes to visit Savannah, GA
C. Likes to do laundry

Answer: C. Likes to do laundry. No, no, no, no, no. Does not like.

Contact Carly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bill Mitchell

Job Title: Managing Partner

What William spends most of his time doing: Building portals and helping develop workflows from the sales department to the shipping department

Williams’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: The freedom, and teamwork everybody enjoys everyday. Everyone gets the support they need to do their best.

What makes William tick: Fishing, motorcycles, his wife and daughter, and, of course,the MEDiAHEAD mascot-- Izzy. (Izzy is a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix-Frenchton)

What statement about William is not true? William…
A. Was in a rock band that had a record deal, toured the U.S. for 2 years
B. Went scuba diving for the very first time on the Great Barrier Reef
C. Base jumped into the Grand Canyon

Answer: C. William rocked out for a couple of years, but he doesn’t base jump off of rocks.

Contact William at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greig Chance

Job Title: Digital Technician

What Greig spends most of his time doing: Like John Frusciante, Greig says he likes breathing a lot. He likes air. He also does a lot of pre-press work. Probably breathes more though. Like, all day.

Greig’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: The people he works with and the challenge that every job brings. For Greig, there’s never a dull day at MEDiAHEAD.

What makes Greig tick: Music of all kinds. It's the soul of humanity.

What statement about Greig is not true? Greig…
A. He used to have hair
B. He loves to eat healthy foods
C. He enjoys the absence of color

Answer: B. While you might not believe it, Greig did have hair once, and Greig doesn’t like a colorless world. Greig loves to eat all kinds of food, even if you might call it unhealthy.

Chris Downing

Job Title: Shipping/Receiving Associate

What Chris spends most of his time doing: Most of Chris’s time is spent shipping. In between shipments he is usually pulling the orders for fulfillment!

Chris’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: Chris’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD is the never quit attitude. Everyone just makes the best of any situation and moves forward!

What makes Chris tick: Chris loves fishing! Any type of fishing. Fly and , er, not … fly? He just loves it. And he likes music a lot. Chris is not scared to sing out loud at any given moment!

What statement about Chris is not true? Chris…
A. He loves hanging out around bonfires and fire pits
B. He has scuba dived in Roatan in Honduras at Bay Islands
C. He sounds like Elvis when he sings

Answer: C. While Chris is known for singing out loud at MEDiAHEAD, he certainly doesn’t sound Elvis. (But, keep trying Chris, we believe in you)

Danny Drennen, JR

Job Title: Digital Print Operator

What Danny spends most of his time doing: When he’s not helping anyone, you’ll find Danny busy learning something new.

Danny’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: Danny loves all of the people who work at MEDiAHEAD.

What makes Danny tick: Archery, his dog, flying kites, his boys, the rebirth of biking, his job, cooking, music, learning, working on stuff, rc stuff and good coffee. And saying that sentence in one breath.

What statement about Danny is not true? Danny…
A. Danny likes archery and is fairly a good shot
B. He still likes to do donuts in his car
C. He’s only 25 years old

Answer: C. Danny was 25 at one point in life, but that was some time ago. But, that doesn’t stop him from doing 25 year old things like doing donuts in his car!

Angela Hewitt

Job Title: Bindery Associate

What Angela spends most of her time doing: Processing paper, wrapping, packing, collating, and sorting in order to make our fulfilments operations run smoothly.

Angela’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: The people who work at MEDiAHEAD! :)

What makes Angela tick: Fishing, hiking, riding 4 wheelers, crocheting, scrapbooking, organizing, watching her daughter compete, and gardening.

What statement about Angela is not true? Angela…
A. She loves having a garden
B. She is Mike Leavy's favorite employee
C. She has three dogs, a cat, and a rainbow gecko

Answer: B. Although she believes she is, and we can’t convince her otherwise, Mike claims he doesn’t have a favorite employee. Don’t worry Angela, he’ll come around…

Andrew Marchael

Job Title: Bindery Associate

What Andrew spends most of his time doing: Taking a 14 x 20 sheet of paper and creating business cards, folded brochures, door hangers, invitations, perfect bound books, stitched booklets and many other things. Andrew runs the cutter, booklet maker, duplo-645, drill, round corner machine, folder, and perfect binder.

Andrew’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: That's the easiest question, the people. Andrew says he works with a great team here at MEDiAHEAD and that's credit to Kat and Bill for creating that culture here.

What makes Andrew tick: The Kansas City Royals, Missouri Tigers and Iowa Hawkeyes. (One of those is respectable…)

What statement about Andrew is not true? Andrew…
A. Andrew loves to travel
B. He played college basketball at the NAIA level
C. Andrew use to perform magic

Answer: B. Andrew loves to travel and loved to perform magic, but he never played NAIA college basketball.

Contact Andrew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tim Murphy

Job Title: Digital Print Operator

What Tim spends most of his time doing: Keeping all presses ready for any job comes up, managing maintenance and preparing for necessary repairs, making sure there is a variety of stock for daily jobs. Basically, he keeps our press running throughout the day for the best productivity.

Tim’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: Working with a great group of people. The process of getting work from customers and the way the team works together to get the job through the production process in the most efficient way possible.

What makes Tim tick: Working on animal rescue and trying to keep the pet population down, Blues and Jazz Festivals, and traveling.

What statement about Tim is not true? Tim…
A. Likes to go fishing.
B. Likes to complete DIY projects around the house.
C. Likes to do laundry

Answer: C. Tim loves fishing, and feels he’s pretty handy around the house, but he doesn’t like to do the laundry.

Tim White

Job Title: Sales Executive

What Tim spends most of his time doing: Tim's daily tasks consist of assisting our current clients and searching for future clients to work with MEDiAHEAD.

Tim’s favorite thing about MEDiAHEAD!: The hard working staff!

What makes Tim tick: Tim's ultimate favorite thing to do is spend time with his family!

What statement about Tim is not true? Tim…
A. Tim doesn't eat meat
B. Tim farms on the side
C. Likes to ride dirt bikes

Answer: A. Yes, Tim loves to ride dirt bikes. He fancies himself as the next Travis Pastrana. Tim may farm all kinds of vegetables, but that isn't the only thing on his plate. This man is not a vegetarian!

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