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The Buckle Inc. – Hilda Awad-Brown

The Buckle has been a customer of our for 15 years. We have been doing their rewards program for 9 ½ years. When we began this program we were printing 8M we are now printing 150M. MEDiAHEAD also prints their Birthday Card rewards program that is personalized to each of their customers and their Primo Card as well. Everything is done with real time data and when they need it they need it done quickly! Take a look at the video and see why they love doing business with MEDiAHEAD.

Black & Veatch Holding Company – Chad Pulley

Black & Veatch has been a customer of ours for 7 years. Please take a look at this video and see why they love doing business with MEDiAHEAD.

Our web portal is very intuitive and easy to use. It meets our needs and has features that are really important for a large corporation. Our previous portal could not handle inventory management, accounting, or quality control, which are major factors for us. It also could not allocate cost out to the field, so our corporate office had to pay for all collateral. With MEDiAHEAD, all costs can be allocated to the sales offices for them to pay for each collateral item. MEDiAHEAD can allocate based off of sales ID, cost center codes, or whatever the client wants. We love the fast shipping, and that we get emails when we place order, and when the order has shipped."

— TranSystems

Our MEDiAHEAD portal is great and easy to use. We have 3,500 people who use the portal, and any of them can log in to use it. We know the difference between good and bad! You have been a strong partner with us for 25 years now. At one time, we were working with about 200 different vendors. We sent out RFPs and began working with another web portal supplier — it flopped! We turned to MEDiAHEAD — you have the quality and the logistics we need, and meet all of our standards. That was what our previous vendor was lacking. We wouldn’t change a thing! We love that MEDiAHEAD is big but not too big, and we get personalized service every time we call. Your print quality is great and is one of the main reasons we partnered with you. Your customer service is very solution oriented, and you always want to help."


The flexibility and ease of use of our portal is wonderful. We have 100+ users in 19+ locations, including Canada, and having a portal was our way to streamline the workflow. It makes our jobs so much easier and efficient. It saves us time and money. We are extremely happy with the print quality, and I would I give you 15 out of 10 on customer service! We wouldn’t change a thing. Our previous portal did not have the flexibility and functionality that yours does. The ease of use and back end functionality are great. I’m much happier I don’t have to deal with the calls from all of our locations, and can focus on my marketing work instead.

— Arrow Truck Sales

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